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Sustainable Christmas Gifts – Laura Herz

It has become almost a tradition that I create you for Christmas a guide in which I present beautiful and useful, large and small, but in any case sustainable Christmas gifts. And so this year again I went on the search to find individual gifts for the different categories.

But before I present you the categories it is very important to me to say that mindful consumption is very important. Buy only what you think is meaningful and what you are sure the recipient will enjoy. If you are looking for a gift for someone who is happy, donate the money you would have spent on a material gift to a non-profit organization that cares for people in need, nature or endangered species.


I don’t know about you, but this year this category definitely fell a little short in my everyday life. If that was the case for the person you want to give a gift to, how about a year’s subscription to Flow? After reading the magazine, I always feel inspired and grounded, full of new ideas and with a different perspective on life. Or the One Letter a Day Bottle from Hand & Heart – my favorite mindfulness exercise, where my boyfriend and I write a little note every day or whenever we feel like it and then throw them in the bottle. After 365 days, we pull it out and review the year. Manuka Health honey also fits wonderfully into this category, as it is a panacea from New Zealand that naturally fights inflammation.

1st // flow year subscription 2nd // Manuka Health Honey 3rd // wow yes Green World Cards 4th // Hand + Heart One Letter a Day Bottle 5th // Zero Waste Book

Home & Living

Getting cozy in your own home, decorating with special eye-catchers and creating a cozy atmosphere is the very best feeling for me. Does the person you want to give a gift to feel the same way? Perfect! Then here are my interior gift tips. For example, how about a comforter made from recycled down and feathers from snuuz? The blankets are lovingly handmade in Germany in a small family business and sustainably packaged – without plastic, as is usually the case with this product. With the code XMASGUIDE10 you even get 10% discount when buying a blanket. A chirping box that spreads relaxed birdsong in the room, sound squares or a scented candle also give long pleasure and are nice to give as a gift.

1.// snuuz bedspread 2.// Coudre Berlin candle 3.// klang2 sound squares 4.// Tom Raffield wall flowerpot 5.// chirping box

Do It Yourself

Would you like to give a gift to someone who likes to be creative and loves to craft, paint or make something themselves? Then this is definitely the right category! With a pottery kit, instructions and wool for knitting your own hat or a set for making your own chocolate, you’re sure to put a smile on the person’s face when they unwrap it. With the book Nature for Your Skin by Mareike Peters, who founded the natural cosmetics brand NKM, mixing up your own skin care will be as easy as

never before. Mareike gives step-by-step instructions and background information on proper care.

1.// selekkt pottery box 2.// Petite Knit knitting set 3.// NKM Nature for your skin book 4.// etsy Furoshiki gift wipes 5.// Pure Xocolate set to make chocolate yourself

Fashion and Beauty

Also in the category of fashion and beauty there are many great brands that pay great attention to sustainability to keep their impact on the environment as small as possible. For example, how about a handmade hemp backpack from Hemper, where the raw materials come from organic farming? Or jewelry made from recycled gold? If you’re looking for a little gift for a sister, mom or friend, I can highly recommend Artdeco’s Silky Powder Blush from the Green Couture collection – I’ve been using it myself for a few months and really like the finish.

1.// stilnest Eden Citrus Earrings 2.// Aveda Brush 3.// Hemper Hemp Kala Backpack 4.// Basic Apparel Zip Sweater 5.// Artdeco Silky Powder Blush

Garden & Balcony

A bee sponsorship is an exceptional gift for all bee lovers who don’t have their own bees (yet), but would like to peek inside the organism that is the bee colony. The beekeeper gives monthly updates, shares his expert knowledge and, of course, you also get the delicious honey of the sponsored bees sent. But a packet of old, historic vegetables or a squirrel feeder is also a nice gift for people with a penchant for gardening.

1.// Bee sponsorship 2.// Squirrel feeding station 3.// Manufactum garden year 4.// Historic vegetables 5.// Paper pot press

Food & Drinks

Of course, one last category must not be missing and that is the Food & Drink gift tips. Have you heard about the Fairment Starter Kits? With these you can easily make your own cheese, kombucha or fermented vegetables. I think that’s really cool and would definitely like to try it out for myself. For the coffee lovers, there’s a French Press from Gronenberg, and for those who like to cook but don’t want to get dirty, the linen cooking apron from hessnatur means you can now prepare your meals in style.


// Iguana Sprout Tower 2.// We bag around bread bags 3.// Groenenberg French Press 4.// hessnatur cooking apron 5.// Fairment Starter Kit

I hope you were able to find one or two helpful gift tips in this guide and if you need more inspiration, I’ve linked you to last year’s blog article below



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