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City- Und Foodguide: Budapest, Ungarn

The capital of Hungary has been on my bucket list for quite some time. And what can I say: It was a really nice vacation with successful vintage hunting, over 1000 pictures full of unforgettable memories on the camera and pretty good food.


Nicholas and I arrived by train from Munich. We boarded in the morning at the main train station and traveled through to Budapest Keleti in just under 7 hours. Except for the fact that our tickets were checked about five times (maybe because we went from Germany via Austria to Hungary and the staff changed), it went quite uncomplicated. It is not only more sustainable to travel by train than by plane, but also a lot cheaper. We paid 90€ for the round trip.


Our Airbnb accommodation was in the first district in Buda, so not downtown, but across the bridge near the castle district. We felt super comfortable and were always happy to come back “home” in the evenings. The host Istvan was also very nice and checked on us often – so I can highly recommend them to you. And I don’t think we need to talk about the beautiful interior. Eventually I briefly thought about how to transport the sideboard to Germany haha.

Restaurants & Cafés

Nicholas and I are real foodies, so good food is very important to us on vacation. I had received many great tips from my community beforehand, which we tried during the week. These were our favorites:


This little café is tucked away on the first floor of a corner building. Without making a reservation, we only had to wait 15 minutes (it was Saturday) despite tables being full and got a table on the covered terrace. There are sandwiches freshly made, French toast filled with apricot and cream cheese, Acai Bowl, Breakfast Burrito and various egg dishes.

Nicholas ordered the Shakshuka and a Croque Madame and I had an Omlette with Feta and Spinach and a Raspberry Bread. Everything tasted great and the yeast plait filled with raspberry jam was actually both of our highlights.


You should definitely make a reservation at this cafe on the weekends, it’s a bit more relaxed during the week. Nicholas tried the traditional Hungarian French toast, which was filled with ham and cheese. I tried a small corner (without the ham, of course) and was quite surprised by the taste. Neither of us had eaten anything like this before and found it super interesting. However, I actually had an avocado bread (swapped the toast for a sourdough bread ahead of time) as well as a cinnamon cappuccino. The service was super sweet and we liked the ambiance.

Home of Franziska

Of all the breakfast locations, this was obviously the “place to be”. All the tables were permanently occupied and there were typical fancy dishes. Hazelnut waffle with coconut yogurt, breakfast burger, Pumpkin Spice Bowl and different smoothies. We were moved three times because the tables we were seated at by the waitress were reserved after all. A bit annoying, but

ok. Taste-wise, the food was also good, although I found the other two a bit better.


Since we were in Tel Aviv, we love the Israeli cuisine very much and therefore wanted to go eat in the Jewish quarter. Dobrumba is a cool restaurant with a chabby chic style. As it should be, we ordered mezze to share. Roasted cauliflower with hummus, falafel, potato wedges, köfte and shakshuka. Highly recommended!

Mazel Tov

The restaurant is very Instagrammable. Shimmering yellow fairy lights and countless ivies hang from the ceiling everywhere. The mix of industrial style and French chic makes the location very cozy. The food came quickly, but didn’t convince us. Nicholas even had a bit of a stomachache on the way home.

Körösföi Kürtöskalács

I really wanted to eat a Baumstriezel (also called Chimney Cake) in Budapest and got this little store recommended. Rather nondescript and not very inviting from the outside, but it smelled wonderful the closer we got. A good sign! The old couple standing behind the counter were masters of the craft, you could tell. The woman turned the dough at record speed and the man handed me a Baumstriezel with vanilla sugar. It was so delicious that I would have liked to order another one


Kelet Kávezó és Galéria

This café is just a five-minute walk from the Baumstriezel store. So if you’re in the area, make sure to go here as well. Upon entering, I felt like I was in a different time. The store is lined with wooden shelves and hundreds of old books just waiting to be flipped through. I ate a slightly spicy ginger carrot soup and drank a Chinese green tea. Nicholas wasn’t convinced by his lentil dish; I liked the food.

Very soon Part II of the article will come online, where I’ve written up some vintage / second hand shopping addresses and cool sightseeing spots for you.


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