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Ideas for your photo shoot before the wedding – MyPostcard Blog

Almost like an engagement photo shoot, a pre-wedding photo shoot should be all about celebrating a pair of lovers. The shoot is the perfect opportunity to capture that magical time together before the wedding. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to get to know your photographer before the big day, AND you can even use the images for your wedding invitations to add a personal touch.

If you’re looking for pre-wedding photo shoot ideas that stand out from the crowd, check out our list of the best poses, ideas, tips and tricks.

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The best pre-wedding photo shoot ideas

Movie Magic

This pre-wedding photo shoot idea is perfect for couples who are into movies! Bring your favorite movie to life with a classic movie star pose. Whether it’s the world famous pose from Dirty Dancing, Princess Leia and Hans Solo from Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, The Matrix or something else, it doesn’t matter. Cause amazement with your awesome cosplay.

Vintage lovers

Couples who love nostalgia and the retro look can also choose a decade or a century from the past and indulge in vintage style. Whether it’s the rock and roll era with pomade and poodle skirts, 17th century England in the style of Jane Austen with ball gowns and top hats, or even ancient Rome. Choose a piece of history that has the exact aesthetic you’re looking for. You can also include props like a gramophone or an old car for an authentic vintage flair.

Photos with animals

Pets are important members of the family. So why not bring in your furry and not-so-furry friends for a creative wedding photo shoot that focuses on the cuteness factor?

But be careful: sometimes it is recommended not to work with children or animals in photo shoots, if that is possible. In fact, it’s important to remember that your animals won’t necessarily pose on command. However, with a few treats, a lot of patience, and a little luck, it’s definitely possible to get the perfect photo with your four-legged friends. Or at least a few fun photos!

When it’s dark

Take your wedding photo at night for a romantic effect in the dark. This is especially enchanting on a clear night when the sky is dotted with twinkling stars. Alternatively, you can use lights to create a magical effect, a romantic ambiance, or just to put the happy couple in the spotlight. You can also decorate the photos with sky lanterns.

Uses water

Undoubtedly, water can create interesting effects in wedding photography! For example, you could use your reflection on the water for a symmetrical image, incorporate fountains for a fun effect, or even have your pictures taken in the rain (think of the movie “Like a Single Day”).

Underwater photos, on the other hand, are one of our favoritebst ideas for creative photo shoots for the wedding. It can be difficult to take photos underwater, and it’s important to remember that water is 800 times denser than air. This means the photographer needs to be as close as possible, use the right camera settings, and use a flash to avoid reflections.

Culinary photos

If you and your future spouse are avid foodies, why not make food the focus of a creative photo shoot before your wedding? After all, cake photos aren’t just for kids! Alternatively, you can have your photos taken at a picnic, a sit-down dinner, or cooking together.

Get out into nature

If you love being outdoors and adventuring, consider taking your photos in the great outdoors. For example, in a meadow on a beautiful summer day, in a hammock on the beach at sunset, or just taking snapshots of yourselves. We recommend that you have your photo shoot at the so-called Golden Hour. This is the hour just after dawn and the hour before sunset when the best lighting conditions prevail.

With your hobbies

For the perfect photo, it’s important to be yourself and enjoy the moment. One way to have fun is to include your shared hobbies. You could be on the court in your tennis shirts, golfing, camping, playing computer games, crafting, knitting, or whatever else you like to do together!

At home together

The environment in which a photo is taken can say a lot about the subject. So if you and your bride-to-be are homebodies, you should take your pre-wedding photos in your own four walls. Get comfortable and settle down on the sofa, have your picture taken while having breakfast in bed, or sit down at the dining table.

Friends and family

Even though pre-wedding photos are all about celebrating you and your partner, there’s no reason why you can’t include the people closest to you. Get your friends and family members together to include them in your very own creative pre-wedding photo shoot. Whether it’s the kids you may already have, parents and siblings, or a group of friends who are very close to you, it’s a great way to make your photos extra special.

Re-enact your engagement

To honor an important and incredibly romantic moment in your journey together as a couple, you could reenact your marriage proposal. With one person on one knee and the other ready to accept the proposal, this classic position clearly symbolizes the next step.

Get creative.

There are so many ways to celebrate your engagement with a photo shoot and capture the time leading up to your wedding with a picture you’ll remember for years to come.

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