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Construction disputes: How software can protect your projects

Managing and completing a successful construction project is a challenging task. Everything must be documented in detail to protect your project from costly and time-consuming disputes. This requires tremendously transparent communication between all parties involved, whether client, contractor or subcontractor.

As a project manager, you need to be able to quickly identify issues and link them to the right tasks. This way, you can easily retrieve the critical information and monitor the impact of the issue in both your 3-to-6-week plan and the master plan.

But how can you achieve this way of working? This is exactly the problem that has plagued so many project managers and leaders for ages. Because regardless of the size or type of project, the answer is always the same: Through digital tools designed specifically for the construction industry.

Many in the construction industry think their tools are ideal for their construction projects because information can be shared in real time, or simply because that’s how it’s always been done.

As a result, many construction projects rely on WhatsApp messages, Excel spreadsheets, emails or whiteboards to keep track of all that’s going on at the job site. In most cases, it doesn’t take long for project teams to get lost in a sea of disconnected information. In the event of claims, this can result in penalties that could cost your project thousands of dollars.

In these cases, using an industry-specific digital tool can make all the difference. Just imagine the value you could add by completing your site inspections in a fraction of the time previously spent by recording all issues on the spot.

Sooner or later, you’ll miss important information or spend your entire day working on administrative tasks and waiting for updates from various subcontractors. And that’s certainly not why you chose a career in construction.

The good thing is that none of this is even remotely your fault. Because you’re already trying to do this challenging job as best you can, using the wrong tools and processes. Even better, we can provide you with a solution to the stressful situation you find yourself in.

How is a construction dispute triggered?

Before we dive deeper into how you can manage construction disputes more effectively, let’s take a closer look at what triggers a construction dispute in the first place.

A construction dispute can be triggered by a number of factors. Project delays, lack of precision in task descriptions, failure to meet specified project standards, or cost overruns are just a few examples.

When any of the above conflicts occur, the entire life cycle of the project in question is affected. However, in order for construction to continue without delays, each dispute must be resolved.

Otherwise, there is a risk that your construction sites will be shut down indefinitely.den. This situation can lead to serious delays and put the project under enormous financial pressure.

To resolve these construction disputes, it is imperative to quickly identify the reasons that led to these conflicts. But going through 300 or 400 photos and a thousand emails without any context to find the evidence you need can quickly become unwieldy and involves a lot of stress.

Construction software can ultimately get you out of this difficult situation, ensuring a seamless link between the feedback you receive from the site, your 3-to-6-week plan, and the master plan. With just a few clicks, you can gather all the data you need to protect your project against a claim.

So instead of spending weeks or even months processing a claim, from now on you can do it in one or two hours at most. That’s a huge added value that can take a lot of pressure off you. But of course, in order to do that, you need an industry-specific platform that can help you make sure your plan is up to date at all times.

How you can prevent a construction dispute

Following the motto “prevention is the best medicine,” you should always keep a record of all issues to anticipate potential points of contention even before they arise. In this challenging mission, industry-specific digital tools are your most valuable companion.

In short, below we present the top three ways construction software can help you protect your projects:

1. always stay in touch with your construction manager.

Your construction manager is your right-hand man when it comes to protecting your construction project against any kind of claims. He is the one person who spends all day on the job site to make sure everything is going as planned.

Whenever there is a problem, he needs to get back to you as soon as possible with a detailed report so that you can solve the problem before it gets out of hand.

In other words, a construction manager is the person who can save you a lot of site inspections. To do that, you just need to be on the same page at all times. And that’s where software designed specifically for the construction industry comes in.

When you rely on industry-specific solutions, such as LetsBuild, you can always be sure that the latest updates, with associated notes and photos, are linked to your short- and long-term planning. This simple but important process can save you a lot of time in the future when responding to an unwanted construction dispute.

And it’s also why tools like WhatsApp, email and Excel, as good as they are, aren’t for complex construction projects. They simply aren’t designed for such time-critical and costly processes.

2. reduce excessive administrative work

You are no doubt very familiar with how much administrative work and mental stress is involved in documenting all the problems and defects on the construction site. The reason for this is the enormous amount of information that comes with any construction project.

For example, project managers may spend up to 40% of their day an attending pointless meetings and making unnecessary phone calls. If that wasn’t enough, they also have to deal with a number of reports and updates that are scattered across different platforms or even just entered manually.

It quickly becomes clear that this is an extremely error-prone approach that introduces misunderstandings and forces project managers to waste their time on tasks that could have been done in just a few clicks.

Now imagine a project manager having to resolve a construction dispute in the midst of such a stressful day. All construction work would probably have to be halted until further notice, until all the necessary information was gathered. That would be the best-case scenario assuming all data was collected in the first place and is still available.

Storing all important updates (comments, questions, photos) in a data ecosystem that is accessible to all can save the parties involved many man-hours and stress. All changes can be retrieved at any time, relying on an automatically updated audit trail in the cloud. And that’s exactly what you can’t do with WhatsApp or Excel. For that, you need an industry-specific application and platform.

3. Communicate transparently and without interruptions.

Construction projects can quickly become chaotic if workers are unable to collaborate and communicate important updates in a timely manner. Construction software can be the solution here, helping you respond to critical requests in real time.

This could be a customer claim or something that one of your subcontractors missed on the job. By being able to resolve these issues in real time with all parties involved, all parties are spared a time-consuming conflict. This is of utmost importance if you want to keep your project running.

With this in mind, it becomes immediately clear that you cannot afford to leave the progress of your project in the hands of disjointed data and information that is not linked to either the 3-to-6 week plan or the master plan. Because that linkage is exactly what holds everything together.

Ultimately, that’s why it’s so important to choose an industry-specific tool to manage your projects. Because WhatsApp might be a suitable tool for messaging your friends or family, but it’s definitely not for construction progress tracking and reporting.

Learn from industry experts how to protect your project

By now, it should be clear that communication is the critical factor in the construction industry. The success of your projects depends on how quickly you can identify critical issues, communicate with the right people, and resolve them.

Implementing an appropriate tool can help address these issues without feeling like you’re lost in a sea of disconnected information.

At LetsBuild, we want to help you protect your projects from never-ending disputes and, by streamlining team

communication to achieve better results.

With this in mind, we invite you to download our guide “Completing on time” free of charge using the button below


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