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Plan the perfect birthday party

Are you celebrating your birthday again soon? Then we’ll help you organize your birthday party with the help of our checklist. So you won’t forget anything, from invitations to cleaning up after the party.

We all know how stressful it can be to organize your birthday party without any help. That’s exactly why we created this article for you. Were we able to arouse your interest?

Then read on and maybe you’ll even get some inspiration you haven’t thought of before.

Standard party or specific theme?

It doesn’t always have to be the ‘standard’ party. Theme parties are as popular as ever. A good example of this is the ever-popular costume party, where your guests dress up in fancy clothes. This creates a relaxed atmosphere right from the start and it’s easier to strike up a conversation. Of course, you should mention on the invitation card that people should dress up.

Don’t want to dress up, but still want to follow a theme? Then maybe the food theme party is just right for you. Here you choose a certain cuisine, according to which all the dishes at your party will be prepared. For example, do you have a special connection to Italy or Spain? Then your guests will be looking forward to pizza, pasta or paella and tapas.

There are a variety of other mottos that you can follow. A few other examples are the 80s, Great-Gatsby or Crazy-Socks. Have you made up your mind? Then we come to the next item on our checklist for organizing your birthday party.

Record the number of guests and send out the invitation

An important question for further planning is the number of guests. This will partly answer which locations are suitable at all. Are there only 20 guests? Then you can of course celebrate at home. But if you are expecting 50 guests, you might want to look for something bigger.

You should also think about the invitation cards for all the guests. A beautiful card will add that extra touch to your party in today’s digital world. With this, you can make sure that your invitation will spark interest and get read. You can then have all the essential information printed again on the card.

With the MyPostcard app, you can plan your very own invitation cards in advance and send them to all your loved ones and guests.

Organize the right location for your birthday party

Next on our checklist for organizing your birthday party is choosing the right location. Of course, the number of guests is especially important. Thus, larger parties can usually not be celebrated in your own home.

But one advantage of celebrating in your own apartment or house is the cost. Of course, you already pay the rent, so there are no extra costs. But not all neighbors are happy about a party that might go on late into the night. In addition, at such parties very often things and furniture get broken, so you should also think about that.

Therefore, renting a location seems more expensive at first, but you save trouble with the neighbors and broken furniture. If you include this in the calculation, the extra costs are suddenly not so expensive.

cht so high anymore. You can find many rooms and halls that are not even that expensive. Do you want something more pompous? Then hotels offer the appropriate premises, even including catering if you want.

Food, drink and music may not be missing of course

You have here so some possibilities, in order to provide for the food on your party. The cheapest option is certainly to buy and cook everything yourself. But it is also the most work and requires you to be a good cook. You may also need extra utensils, in which case it can quickly become a bit more expensive.

Instead of making everything yourself, you can ask your guests to bring something. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it can even help start conversation. Especially at a food themed party, there are sure to be some fun moments, even if the food isn’t perfectly prepared. We’re sure your guests will do their best.

The last option is professional catering. It is usually more expensive than cooking yourself, but it will save you a lot of time and effort. You can also order dishes that are otherwise difficult to prepare at home. The catering service can even provide extra dishes and cutlery.

Also, don’t forget to think about the right music for your party. A party without music would not be very inviting. Especially theme parties thrive on the right choice of music, so think carefully about what exactly you want to play.

Cleaning up after the party

One thing you should also think about is cleaning up after the party. There can sometimes be a lot of chaos after the party is over. Do you not want to clean up alone or do you lack the time? Then it’s best to plan it in advance so there are no unexpected surprises.

One option is to ask your friends and family to help you clean up. Especially at big parties, everyone understands when the host asks for help. This can also be great to combine with a nice brunch the next day and talk about the party again.

When renting a room, hall or hotel, there is often a service that you can order extra to clean up. It’s best to discuss this with your contact person for the location to see how much it would cost you to have this task taken care of. Sometimes it pays to just be able to switch off and celebrate.

The checklist to organize your birthday party

We write you here again a short overview of all points together, so that you also have everything quickly at a glance


  1. Choose your theme, whether standard or themed party.
  2. Take note of the number of guests and think about the invitation cards.
  3. Look at suitable locations, so that all guests have room.
  4. Plan for food, drinks and the right music.
  5. Make sure cleanup is taken care of at the end.

I hope you were able to take some ideas for organizing your birthday from our text. If you still need invitation cards, just have a look at MyPostcard.

Have fun planning and celebrating!

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